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We had discussed about how to earn money by displaying advertisement on your blog. Now we are going to see, what are the ways to earn money from affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means referring your blog users to another website. This is another way of earning money. But in this case you cannot earn by just showing the ad. Your blog user must purchase anything from the marketed website and you will get a commission for that. There are many sites providing commission for referring customers

1. Amazon Affiliates

Make commission online by using amazon affiliate marketing their products
Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliates is number one in affiliate marketing. Amazon affiliates will provide you best commission for advertising their products on your blog or website.

Let us first see how Amazon Affiliates working

  • First you need to create a free account on Amazon Affiliates (you can link your existing Amazon account for that too).
  • You must provide a valid blog or website while registering your account in affiliates
  • After your account get approved (you will get an e-mail notification). You could start placing advertisement.
  • There are three ways of ad placement, Text only, image only and widget type. You could choose your own type of placement.
  • Any product that is sold by Amazon can be advertised in your blog.
  • Any customer buys anything by your referral link gives you commission for that.
Commission amount varies with different products. You will get commission only after valid purchase of the product.

How to choose products from Amazon?

Another problem is, there are wide variety of products sold on Amazon. So there will be a confusion to choose the right product to display on your website.

Which type of products you should display, that we will see below

  • First you must consider what category of blog/website you have, for example, this is a technology based blog. So my blog visitors should be technology based.  My Amazon advertisement should focus on technology based products or books something like that.
  • If I choose items like household products or movie DVD's. As per my blog category, my visitors won't be interested on that type of products, so that they will not buy that type of products by referring my website/blog. That is why I'm saying that, you should display products related to your blog category, otherwise it will not generate income.
I think now you got an idea about which category of Amazon products should be displayed in your website/blog.

3. Alternative Ways Of Affiliate Marketing

There are lot of another ways rather than Amazon Affiliates. In each and every corner of internet, we can see that this. Because everyone needs customer to improve their business in anyway.

Check out below ways to earn money by affiliate marketing

  1. Now a days hosting providers will gives you more money by referring people to their business. Hosting providers like Bluehosts, Hostgator, Dreamhosts etc are providing like that. If you give them a big customer you will get a huge commission.
  2. Also some trading networks provides commission for new user registrations to their business. Forex traders like IG Markets, Alvexo Partners, Xtrade Affiliates, LiteForex etc provides better commission by referring customers.
There are also many other websites provides commission by returning customers to their business. Top one's in affiliate marketing are discussed above. In later we will see more about them.
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