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In the previous post we had seen about the composing tool used in blogger. Here I will explain how to change your blogspot domain to a custom domain.

Blogspot to Custom Domain

To change blogspot domain to your custom domain following prerequisites are needed

  1. Custom domain with DNS management console
  2. Blogger blog

How to change blogspot to custom domain

First of all we need to sign in blogger environment and select your blog that want to change the domain name. Navigate to
Settings -> Basic Settings
You would see there is an option to map your custom domain there...
Full guide to set custom domain in blogger
Set Custom Domain in Blogger
 In the page click on the Set up a third-party URL for your blog link button, then there will open some extra settings will displayed like below window
How to change sub domain in blogger blogspot
Change domain blogger
Enter the domain name with www as shown in the above image and click on save
Then there will display and error message showing that the DNS configuration is not correct and what should be placed in the CNAME records. First line is common to all blogger and the second line is unique for each blog created by using blogger platform.

Only after updating your DNS settings, the custom domain will activated in your blogger. So now we are going to update the DNS settings in domain registrar. My DNS settings CNAME configuration is given below
How to configure CNAME in DNS for blogger blogspot
CNAME Configuration | Blogger
 By comparing the second and third image that I had provided here, I think you got the idea about how to add two CNAME in DNS settings. DNS settings managing design changes when the registrar changes.

Be careful before buying custom domain, some registrars does not allows you to change DNS
After adding required CNAME entries we could move to the ARecords. This records is used to point your domain name to Google servers. So we need to add several IPs in ARecord entry. An example is shown below
How to update A Records for blogger blogspot custom domain
A Records Management | Blogger
 Four IP's you need to add, that are shown in the above image

Delete it, if there any existing entry in A Records and CNAME.
After modifying A Records and CNAME entries, come back to blogger and click on the Save button to apply the custom domain. It's done, please check by typing your domain name.
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