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What are backlinks?

So, what are back links? Which are the links showed on your websites/blogs that is referring to other sites. Benefit of back linking is, that website will get more attention in search engine indexing and displaying results. So that is our point of making money.

But your website must have at least 1 in Google page ranking (you can check your Google Page rank here). If you want to know more about how to increase your page rank in Google visit here. Google ranks each website with a rank from 1 to 10. If you got higher page rank, then you will get more money.

Tutorial to how to earn money by displaying backlinks in your website
Generate Income from Your Page Rank

How to get paid for page rank?

Now a days, more people are lazy. They will find out faster ways to get the things done easily. We will user that laziness in our business. What I'm saying is, many people does not have time or to do harder things to get more back links, they will buy back links for money. Payout is according to the merchant website page rank. More page rank needs more money. We will discuss two of methods to earn money from back links below

Backlinks selling websites

Now a days, back link selling is popular. So there are many websites exists that will provide money for your linking. One of the most popular site is BackLinks. You just need to register your website (must have at least Google page rank one) here. If you do have a WordPress blog, then you need to install their plugin. If you do have a custom website, BackLinks  will show a demo, how to configure their code.

BackLinks will place automatically links in your specified page, and pay you monthly. There is no minimum pay out. Payments are usually made within the first 3 days of each month via PayPal (must need PayPal account for receiving payments). One of the major factor you need to notice that, it is like monthly rental. Which means BackLinks will pay you each months if the link is present in your website. They have not considered Blogger platform by Google for displaying back links, so that is the main disadvantage.

Also If you are suffering to get more back links to your website, you could choose BackLinks platform to get more visibility in search engines and searches. I think BackLinks is the best one who provides genuine and neat amount for your website. Click here to register new account in BackLinks.

Get backlink buyers from your traffic

This is a simple way, just create a new ad for your website/blog for displaying other bloggers or websites links. If your blog users interested to display link in your blog/website they will contact you (include a contact page in your website for that). Benefits of this way is, there is no commission need to pay (it's direct....!) and could communicate and discuss with the customer directly about display period and payment details.

If you do have any doubts, just ask me.
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