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Hello friends today I'm going to explain how to create a blog by using Google platform Blogger.

What is Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform provided by Google. One of the main feature or advantage of Blogger is it's always free. You don't need to pay Google for that service. Actually in blogging, blogger is used by one percent of people now a days most of other uses WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other platforms. And WordPress is the number one.

How to create blog using Blogger

First you must have a Google account. First you need to navigate to Blogger website. Then you will see like below screen
Full tutorial to create blog with blogger platform by Google
Click on the CREATE YOUR BLOG button placed in the middle of the screen. Which will navigate you to account sign in screen of Google. If you have an existing account login with that, otherwise create a new account in Google (this will take less than a minute process). After you have logged in the blogger platform, you will see like below image
Start blogging with blogspot | Full guide.
Blogger Inner Homepage
If you have existing blogs assigned by other users or created by you, that will be listed under the logo as you can seen in the above picture. To create a new blog click on the New blog option, then a new screen will popup like
Create a new blog with Google Blogger Platform
Create blog | Blogger
Three processes you need to complete in this step. Title is your blog title to be displayed, it can be changed anytime from your blog settings.

Address is your blog domain, users need to write this domain name to access your blog. Blogger supports sub-domains with blogspot, which means you don't need to pay for domain also. If any user is registered a sub-domain that you are trying to register, it will not get (as like in the domain buying concept). If you want to link a custom domain you had purchased from other website it is also possible, that we will be discussing later.

Theme section defines, which default theme you want to apply. There are limited number of themes are available in Blogger. We could change it our own way, if you are aware of HTML language its simple otherwise it will be tougher. Also there are available custom made templates (paid and free) in internet. We will discuss about theme changing later.

After configuring all the things just click on the Create blog! button in the bottom, it's over, your blog is created now and live.
Blog created by Blogger
Homepage | Blogger
You can write your posts now by clicking on New post button. Type your custom blogspot domain in browser address bar and hit enter to view your blog or navigate by clicking View blog link button placed under your blog selection combo box.
https is now supported in blogger. Sad thing is it is not supported for custom domains you used in blogger.
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