[Earn Money] Google Adsense + Top Best Alternatives 2017

In the previous post we were talking about what are the ways to earn money from your blog. In this post we are discussing about how to make money from your blog by showing advertisement. Below are some of websites that will give you genuine money for displaying there advertisement.

1. Google Adsense
Google adsense is the best option to monetize your blog
Google Adsense

High payout publisher for bloggers, that is Google Adsense. If you have a better blog with following qualities you can apply for an Adsense account.

  • Must be quality contents
  • Must not contains adult contents
  • Must post at least one article in a week
  • SEO optimized
  • Also must posses 1000 page views in a day
If your blog contains above specified qualities, then you can apply for Adsense account. You can your Google account to sign up with Google Adsense because it is the proprietary of Google Inc.  Minimum threshold for Adsense in $100.

Adsense will also pay you for seeing. Which means you will be get paid for your readers just seeing the ad. I think this is an important thing. And there are lot of methods provided to place advertisement in your blog by Google Adsense. If you would like to know about various sizes provided by adsense, just do visit here.

Do you familiar with in-search by Google? Which is a custom search box provided by Google for your website. We could create a custom search box our blog or website. Google will search through your blog contents and displays results with advertisement. Like this, so many other ad displaying facilities are provided by Google Adsense. Apply now and check it.

Google Adsense Alternatives

If your blog is suffering from getting approval from Google Adsense or your adsense account is suspended due to invalid click activity. Could try following alternatives to monetize your blog

2. Media.Net

Media.net is now a days popular ad platform. It is a best option for those who don't have a Google Adsense account. Media.net is a contextual ad network powered by Yahoo and bing.
Best Google Adsense Alternative 2017 Edition
It will support variety of ad choices to place in your blog. A problem with media.net is, it is not opened for public. You need to register your blog or website and wait for their approval. Click here to apply for media.net publisher account.

3. Info Links

Another best option is InfoLinks, Info links publishes ads on wordings in the article you have written. When your blog user moves cursor above that particular word, ad will be shown. Minimum payout of Info Links is $50 and the payments are processed through PayPal only.

Earn money by advertising your article words | Info Links
Info Links
Info link gives you a neat amount for their advertisement published on your blog. Info Links holds pay per view (for seeing ads, not only by clicking on it).

We have seen top 3 ad publishing network that give you genuine money. In my opinion Google Adsense is the best option because they have wide variety of customers.

Note: To get account in any one of the above websites, you need at least 2000 page views per day and daily updated blog..
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