[Solved] SP Flash Tool is not detecting or starting download

SP Flash Tool

SP Flash tool is a best application to give life for a dead android phone. It will flash and android mobile phone, if the screen is not turned on while powering on. But you need some configurations needed before doing that. There are number of blogs and forums that explain a lot exists in this internet world.

[Fixed] SP Flash Tool Download mode not working problem solved
SP Flash Tool

I m here to explain, if any problem occurred while detecting your phone in Download mode while connecting to PC after turning on Download option in SP Flash Tool. I also faced this problem couple of days ago.

How to fix SP Flash Tool not detecting or string download

  1. First of all you need to install proper mobile driver from the official phone vendor website in your computer.
  2. After successful installation of driver software, if your device is capable of turn on, then turn on the mobile and connect to PC to check whether the driver installation is proper. If it is successful, then we could assume that you have installed the correct driver.
  3. If your phone is not in the condition of power on, just leave it. We could see while connecting it. You can hear sound while connecting the device to your PC, then an automatic device driver configuration will run in background of your PC, if that is successful, then it's correct driver.
  4. I think you should aware of how to connect and flash by using SP Flash tool, so I m not explaining that here.
Here is the major thing, you must connect your phone though a USB 2.0 port, if not, SP Flash tool will not detect your mobile.
 Note: If your driver installed is not suitable for your phone model, also a reason. So please do check with driver too.
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  1. My everything is completely and connected my phone first step download DA 100% but not running next is there what I do

    1. Make sure that you have downloaded correct stock ROM of your device. If your device battery is removable you can also check the version of your phone from the sticker behind the device. You can see the sticker by removing the battery.

  2. Everything is OK my mobile is connected download DA 100% but not going next step is there what I do. As possible as soon

  3. I have been trying to recover my Mt6580 P9 Plus almost 3 weeks now still nothing!

  4. I bricked my phone by mistake trying to install stock rom to my mt6580 p9 plus using twrp recovery on androin, thus my phone was bricked until now!!!
    please help me, it was my mistake and i dnt blame any software that i used.
    Thanks in advance.

    0%, NOT 0.001%,


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