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Earn money online from youtube videos. Full tutorial.
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YouTube is a online video streaming service managed by Google Inc. Millions of videos are uploaded daily and millions of people viewing them. May be you had heard of people who are earning billions by using YouTube video streaming. So many of people does not aware of what happening and how to earn genuine money by uploading videos to YouTube. Just read this guide and you will get an idea.

Earn money online YouTube

So first of all we need a YouTube account, also you can use your existing Google account for that. After account creation, you can upload videos to YouTube. You should be careful while uploading new videos to YouTube, please do double check if that video breaks any copyright laws or infringements. If YouTube finds some videos uploaded that breaks copyright laws, then your account may be suspended.

Any videos other than adult content videos can be uploaded in YouTube environment. You get money by monetizing your YouTube video. In two ways, you can monetize your video, that are explained below

1. Google Adsense

Once your videos crosses 10000 views in your YouTube channel, Google Adsense will contact you via e-mail asking your permission to show advertisements on your video. For that you need to create a Google Adsense account. After you have successfully created Adsense account, Google will automatically shows advertisements in your video. You can track your earnings in Google Adsense dashboard.

2. Affiliate Marketing | Earn money from YouTube without Adsense

Affiliate marketing means referring you video viewer to buy a product from another website by providing your specific link. You can read more about affiliate marking from here. For example you are registered with Amazon affiliates, they will provide special banners and links to buy several products for your account. If any user purchases the product by clicking on that banner or link you will get commission.

To achieve this, you must show these products links and banners in the end of the videos. If the user is interested buying that, you will get a commission.

One of the major things you must aware is, display products related to your video

4. Review | Earn money from YouTube without Adsense

This is another best way to make money from YouTube. If you are a best reviewer or a best presenter. You could use this method. For an example I'm reviewer about mobile phones. So I am reviewing latest available mobile phones, may be so many users are waiting for that review. Most of the users are buying mobile phones by viewing this review. If my presentation is good, many people will subscribe my channel.

After getting so many subscribers, sellers will contact you to do a paid review. And this is the point you are gonna earn money. This is also an affiliate marketing. But this is an alternate way. Sellers will get customers from your review and you will get paid for doing that.

But always remember that, if your review is not helping your users, your channel view will be down. So always try to do good reviews.  Paid reviews are getting lot payout than the normal Google Adsense way.
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