Benefits of using WordPress For Blogging


WordPress is a custom script made by using PHP language. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform. One of the major feature of WordPress is highly customized. Also this script will both working on Linux and Windows servers. Anyone, a beginner could also start by using WordPress simply.

What are the benefits by using WordPress blogging

Benefits By Using WordPress

You can download latest WordPress version from here. Back end of WordPress blog is MySQL database. If you know PHP language, you could edit that script and make your own because WordPress is open source. You will get full source code and can be edited.

Most of the server management consoles provides default installation of WordPress and most of the server providers provides custom configuration to run WordPress also. We could see benefits by using WordPress below

1. Flexibility

You can edit the whole structure of your blog including source code, theme etc. All at your hand, there is no third party maintaining your blog for you.

2. Lots of Plugins|Tools

Available lots of tools for WordPress to customize it on your way. For example, if you need to add a shopping cart, tool is available for that too. Many tools like SEO management, posts management, comment spamming management, security checking etc are available.
But you should vigilant about these plugins, because they are third party plugins, that can cause a data breach or something like that, so install these plugins at your own risk.

3. Variety of Themes

Lots of paid and free themes available for WordPress themes. You just need to download the theme compressed file and upload it in your WordPress blog from your admin side. You can customize your themes in admin side also. WordPress theme building is a business now, many developers uploading different types of themes in theme forest.

4. Everything on your hand

Source code, database, uploaded items and all your information is held up and managed by. If you are using Blogger  platform by Google, it is not possible, everything is managed by Google itself, we don't have control over it, database, images everything. This means no one is putting hand in your data.

5. Workflow management

Several type of user roles and users can be managed in WordPress blog. For an example, if your blog is growing up and you want to add more authors to it and to approve their articles you can also add moderators too. Which means, you just need to control over them, they will do the rest for you. Better tools are available for workflow management in WordPress. One of the best tool to manage WordPress workflow is Oasis Workflow.

6. Import from other blogging services

WordPress provides tools to import your writings from other platforms like Blogger, TypePad, Tumbler etc. If there any server problem, or if you wish to move platform to WordPress, it is very easy to copy the materials.

7. Better SEO management

WordPress is search engine optimized script. If you want to more control over it you can use different tools for that.

8. Community support

One of the greatest power of WordPress is community. There are lot of people included in WordPress community, they will help you to solve your problems immediately.

9. Easy upgrades

Easy to implement upgrades in WordPress, there is no system shutdown needed to upgrade your WordPress blog. Stay tuned with upgrades, and don't hesitate to install latest version of WordPress, because may be it's contain a security patch.
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