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Today I'm here to explain how to make money by completing simple tasks. Amazon Mechanical Turk is the best option for that. Mechanical turk indexes small works from $0.01.

Earn money by completing simple tasks from internet | Amazon MTurk
MTurk Amazon

What is Amazon MTurk

Two type of users mainly uses MTurk, one is requester and other is worker. Requester pay for workers by completing small tasks. Works are listed here as HIT(Human Intelligent Task). You just need to create an account in MTurk by using your Amazon account.

Click here to register in Amazon Mechanical Turk as Worker
You can trust this website, because it is maintained by Amazon and I got payout several times. But you need little sacrificial mentality to earn from this site because most of the work completion payout is $0.01. But there are available high payout works there. I think almost 5,00,000+ works available from MTurk.

Type of Tasks

Following are some of examples of works listed in Mturk

  • Describe images
  • Business card data extraction
  • Tag images
  • Transcribe audio
  • Take short surveys
  • Review websites/videos/images etc
  • Write articles etc
Above are some of tasks listed in the Amazon Mechanical Turk site. There are several others included.

Which Work You Can Do in MTurk

Only qualified works can be done by you. Some HIT's posses qualifications to accept it. For example, a survey that focuses on US region, then only US people could attend that. Other region people not allowed to accept it.

1. Qualified works

Amazon Mechanical Turk Qualified Work | Earn Money
MTurk Qualified Work Sample
Qualified works are shown in light blue color. You can go into the HIT or task by click on View HIT in the group link button. HIT will open in new window with details. Details elaborates how to complete the HIT perfectly. Before accepting the HIT you must thoroughly understand what you need to do, otherwise that will be utter failure and your work will be rejected. Following is the screen you get
Earn money by doing small works | Amazon MTurk
Single HIT view MTurk
Timer represents the time you given to complete the HIT. Timer will run after once you accepted the HIT. Bookmark the HIT URL, so that you can re-open if you closed by accident. By clicking Accept HIT  button will accept the HIT and the Timer will started and the Skip HIT allows you to move to next HIT. Once you have accepted a HIT you can only do Submit HIT or Return HIT. Submit HIT means, you are completed the task successfully and submitting it for the requester approval and return HIT means, you are not able to complete the task and you are returning the HIT so that other users could access it. You will get money only the requester is approved your work,

You will get bonuses, if the requester like your work
Another thing is there is a percentage of total approved HIT and rejected HIT maintained by MTurk. Also your future will depend upon that too.

If your rejection rate is high, then number of chances of getting new tasks decreases. So be careful before submitting a HIT in MTurk.

2. Need Qualification HIT| MTurk

Take HIT qualification in Amazon MTurk | Make money online
Take Qualification Test MTurk
Some works needed you need to take qualification to accept that HIT. This is a simple survey or test to examine your skill. And you must got the minimum value they require to get the HIT. If you do not get the required marks you can't proceed further. You cannot view the HIT until you pass the qualification.

3. Request Qualification | MTurk

Make Money by doing part time works online | Amazon MTurk
Request Qualification Amazon MTurk
This is another qualification need to achieve from the requester. This is a minimum point. You need to submit the request to HIT author. If you got the minimum point, task will be enabled. You can see the HIT details if you don't qualified to work it in this type of HIT's.

4. Not Qualified HIT | MTurk

Part time job Amazon MTurk | Earn Money Online
Not Qualified HIT MTurk
You cannot request any qualification for this type of tasks and you will not get the HIT at all. This type of HIT may be for the particular region users or with a specific approval and rejection rate workers. You cannot view the HIT details at all in this category too.

Earnings & Payouts | MTurk

Two type of payment methods are available Amazon.com gift card balance and Transfer to bank account. There is no minimum to use it as a Amazon.com gift card balance. But to transfer to your bank account, minimum $3.00 required. You can view your summary of earnings available for transfer in Earnings section.

Note: You need patience in completing these tasks otherwise it will not be a success for you.
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