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Blogger Post Composer

We had discussed about how to create a blog in Google's blogger platform. Now we are going to see, how we will going to learn what are the facilities provided by blogger post composing editor. For navigating to Blogger editor, just click on the New Post button provided in the blogger home page after logging in.

Overall look of the blogger editor is shown below

Make your new post by using blogger editor
Blogger Editor
So, now we are going to discuss about each and every element placed in that editor and how it is working.

1. Heading

This is a text box to define what should be the heading of your post. For an example heading of this blog post is [How To] User Blogger Post Editor | Full Guide. Search engines will first prefer your post heading while users searching for something. So define your blog post heading before searching what keywords should be included. If you defined it properly, then your blog will be more visible in search engines.

2. Body

Body is a content editable div. Which means, you could see live as HTML viewer what you are composing. Example of body composing of this blog post is given below

Body composer explained | Blogger
Body Compose | Blogger
You can see what are the details you have changed like text color, font size, font, images added, videos added etc in this compose mode. Also there are two compose modes like Compose and HTML, that can be seen on the top-left of the blogger composing screen look like Blogger composing full tutorial explained | Full Guide
HTML composing for those who knows HTML language. In HTML view, a text area will be displayed that contains full HTML of your composed post. If you want to edit your post and want more control over HTML, you could use this facility. HTML editor is shown below

Edit your blogger post by using HTML | More Control
Blogger HTML Composer

3. Post Styling Tools

Post styling tools are used to style your blog post by changing text font style, font size, specifying is it bold, italics or underline, coloring etc etc. There are lot of tools available in blogger. Summary of them are shown below
Learn more about blogger editor tools used | Full Guide
Blogger Editor Tools

1. Font Selector

Apply different font for texts in blogger post
Font Select | Blogger

Apply different font for posts by using this tool. To use this, one way is choose the font you want to apply for the particular post before composing. It will be applied all over the post by default. And if you want to apply for particular paragraph, just select the paragraph or text and click on the particular font you want to apply, its done. Some examples of font using in text is given below

  • Arial font using
  • Courier font using
  • Georgia font using
  • Helvetica font using
  • Times font using

2. Font size change

This tool will help you to manage the font size. Five types of font sizes are currently listed in this tool till now.
Change font size of text in blogger
Font Size Change
By default it is Normal, and if you want to change just select the text you want to change and click on the corresponding font size. Some examples are given below

  • Smallest
  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Largest

3. Heading chooser

This tool will allow you to add H2, H3, H4 tags in your blog post. These tags will also helps you to increase your search engine visibility. So it is better using heading tags rather then the font sizes for heading.

Add heading tags in blogger editor
Headings | Blogger
By default it is Normal, and if you want just select the text and apply by clicking on appropriate tag. Type of headings available in this tool is given below

  • Heading (H2 tag)
  • Subheading (H3 tag)
  • Minor heading (H4 tag)
  • Normal (P tag, it's paragraph)

4. Text Decoration

Decorate your texts by using bold, italics, underline and strike through tools. I think most of the people would aware of it.

Apply text decoration in blogger editor
Text Decoration | Blogger
B for bold (Ctrl+B), I for italics (Ctrl+I), U for underline (Ctrl+U) and ABC for strike though.

5. Text color decoration

How to apply background color for blogger posts in text
Text Background Color | Blogger
This tools will allow you to color background of your text. Just select the text you want to color and pick the color from the color picker. This is a background colored text.

How to apply text coloring for blogger texts in posts
Text Color | Blogger
To apply coloring for texts, you could get help of this tool. This is an example of colored text.

6. Inserting Image/Video/Link/Special Symbols and Jump

How to add link, image, video, special symbols and jump break in blogger
Insert link/image/video | Blogger

1. Insert Link In Blogger

For inserting a link, first select the text you want to convert it into link, then click on the Link button, then a new window will pop up like below

How to add link in blogger posts
Add Link | Blogger
Your selected text will be shown in the Text to display box and you should enter the URL in Web address box. Email address can be also added by choosing the Email address option. Test this link button is placed to check whether the link is working or not. By clicking on Test this link a new window will open with the URL. If you checked Open this link in a new widow check box then while users clicking on that link from your blog post, it will open in a new window, which is helpful for the users to stay with your post and navigate to URL. Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute, if this is enabled the link you have added in your post will not be followed by you. Which means it will not take as a back link in your blog.

2. Insert Image

Click on the image button on the toolbar to insert images in your blog posting. A new window will open like below image

How to upload images in blogger posts
Browse Images and Upload to Blogger
Click on the Choose files button to select files from your PC. Files will be automatically uploaded after selecting and clicking on Open button. You must select uploaded files to add it on your blog post. When selecting an image a blue border will see you there as shown in the example above and after clicking on Add selected button, it will gets added. Uploaded images will saved into your Google Drive blogger album by default.

There are five other methods to insert images in blogger posts. One is From this blog, by choosing this option your Google Drive images saved from this blog will be displayed, you can choose which image need to be inserted and add it.

Help to insert image on blogger posts
Insert Image From this Blog | Blogger

From the Google album archive option will display your albums on Google Drive and you can choose which photo from which album need to be chosen. Select the image and add it.

Insert images in to blogger posts ways explained
Add Images from the Google album archive | Blogger

From you phone is an option to add images automatically backup from your mobile devices. If you are using an Android mobile you are familiar with the Google Photos application, it will automatically backup your phone images into Google Drive. That images can be inserted by using this method.

Insert images in blogger posting full guide
Insert image from your phone | Blogger
From your webcam, as the name suggests your webcam is needed to add this image. A photo will taken real time by using your computer webcam and uploaded to Google Drive and that can be imported in your posts. But you must have a webcam to do so.

How to take images by using your webcam and add to blogger posts
Upload images from your webcam | Blogger
From a URL, option means your can attach images uploaded in other image hosting platforms and use the URL from their to add in your blog. Benefit of this method is, your Google Drive storage will be saved because the image file hold in different server. But the risk is yours, if the host provider ending up the service all your images will be lost.

How to add images from a URL in blogger
Add images from a URL | Blogger

3. Insert Video | Blogger

Click on the video image button to open the video add screen. By default it will look like below image

How to upload video in blogger posts
Video upload | Blogger
Choose a video to upload button helps to choose and upload videos in blogger and the videos will be uploaded to Google drive. Attached in your posts like below image

How to add video in blogger posts
Uploaded video display in blogger
Also you could embed YouTube videos in blogger by choosing From YouTube and My YouTube videos options. Videos will be listed like below image and select one video, click on the Select button to embed it on your blog post. From YouTube option will displays all videos from YouTube, you can search and add them. My YouTube videos option will only list your uploaded YouTube videos.

How to embed youtube videos in blogger
Embed YouTube Videos | Blogger
Also like in image insert, From your phone option is also available in video embedding option. It is working as like we had discussed in the case of image insert in blogger.

4. Insert Special Characters Blogger

To insert special characters on blogger click on the smiley icon. There are thousand of symbols are available in the directory. For example smileys, arrows, modifier etc. After clicking on the icon a new window will pop up like below image

Add special characters in blogger how to
Insert Special Characters | Blogger
Point the cursor to the required position and click on the special character you want to add. For example some smileys are added, and following 😅😆😇😊😍. Just try yourself. You can also search. Enter the criteria in the search box and press Enter key.

5. Insert Jump Break in Blogger

What you mean by a jump break? It is a separator between something you want to separate. Place the cursor to the right position you want to add a break (may be an end of the paragraph) and click on the broken image. An example is shown below

Text before break

Text after break.

7. Manage Alignment | Bullets | Numbering Blogger

Now we are going to see about the section of alignment of text, bullets, numbering, quoted text and remove all formatting.

Remove all formatting of a blog post text in blogger

1. Alignment

How to manage text alignment of a post in blogger
Alignment | Blogger
Four type of alignment options are available in blogger, as like in the Word application. Left, center, right and justify. It will work as like the Word options. I think you must posses some what idea about text alignment.

To apply alignment, select the paragraph or texts you want to align, the select the appropriate alignment from the selector. By default it is left alignment.

2. Numbering

By clicking on the numbered list, automatically a numbering is applied. It is also working like the Word option numbering, If you want to include numbering anywhere in your blog post, just place the cursor and click on the numbered list button, automatically 1 will be placed. An example is given below
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
Double entering stops the numbering and the last added number will automatically removed.

3. Bullets

Same as numbering, difference is bullets is shown rather than numbers. An example is given below
  • First bullet
  • Second bullet
  • Third bullet

4. Quoted Text

This is an example of quoted text
This facility is used to highlight text. Just select the text you want to quote and then click on the Quote button, text will be quoted.

5. Remove formatting

Select a stylized text and click on the remove formatting button, all style will be removed (anything like color, back color, bold, italics, link etc). 

8. Miscellaneous Tools

1. Text direction

How to change text direction in blogger
These to option define the cursor running position in blogger posts. First one for left-to-right direction and in blogger it is default. Second one is right-to-left, for starting writing text from right to left. An example is given below
Right direction text
Left direction text

2. Write in other languages blogger

How to write in other language blogger

First tool is for check spelling and the second two options to write in other languages. Lots of languages are available for writing blog posts. Main advantage is that, you could write in your blog in your favorite language. You just need to type in English, Google algorithm will convert it into the activated language. It will work only if the option is activated otherwise English will be the language.

3. Undo/Redo

Undo redo option in blogger post writing

First one in undo and the second one is redo, Most of the people knows what does it means. So I'm not explaining that tools here.

4. Post Settings

Post settings section contains labels, schedule, permalink, location, search description and options. We are going to see one by one.

1. Labels

How to add tags for SEO optimization in blogger posts
Labels | Blogger
These are meta tags used for more search engine visibility for your posts and blog. Labels must be related to your blog post, and search engine also searches in post tags. Don't use larger texts in tags, user short texts of two words or one word like as shown in the above example and separated by commas. 

Write tags and press enter to automatically add commas into it.

2. Schedule 

Schedule blogger posts
Schedule Blogger Posts

You could schedule your draft post to publish for specific date and time by using this post settings. Choose the date from the calendar and enter the time in 24 hours in the time box (or choose from the drop down box, some default times are there). Default time format is Pacific Daylight Time and you can't change that from here.

3. Permalink

How to customize permalink in blogger posts
Permalink customize | Blogger

This is the link indexed in search engines to your blog posts. Automatically they (blogger) will generate a custom link, you can edit that link by clicking on the Custom Permalink option. You should write your link as SEO optimized. Remember that, this is also a search criteria in search engines search. Use best keywords in permalink to get more traffic to your post. Don't use space in your permalink because it is not allowed.

4. Location

How to set custom location for blogger posts
Location set for Post | Blogger
You can set custom location for your blog posts. You can either search in the box or choose from the map shown. Location will set which region users should reach to the post. So by setting this search engines will this result relevant to that particular region. You could user Remove link button to remove if you added a location by accident.

5. Search Description

How to set meta description for your blogger posts
Search description | Blogger
This is also search engine indexed description for your blog post. It is called met description. You could see this description under the search link in the searching page. Use your best keywords to get more visibility in the search description. Search engines also searches in the meta description while indexing results. So be brave.

6. Options

How to block commenting for a particular post in blogger
Options Blogger Posts
Reader comments means allow readers to post comment on the corresponding post, if you don't want to be users to be commented on your posts check the Don't allow option. Then comment box will be disappeared. Other options are for the editor and configuration, just leave like it behind.
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