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Today I'm going to explain, how you could write better SEO optimized contents in your Blog. There are lot of Bloggers exists now a days. Most of the bloggers does not know how to write good quality contents in their blog. Below you can see some main tips to get more traffic to your blog.

Tips to write quality search engine optimized contents in blogs
Write SEO Contents in Blog

Include following things in your writing

  1. Heading tags like h1, h2 and you can use up to h4 (it is better)
  2. Give search descriptions
  3. Use better tags
  4. Optimize permalink
  5. Do not copy

Use Heading Tags for SEO

It is better to use heading tags more than bold letters or increasing font size.  Heading tags will allow more visibility to search engines to find your writings very easily. There are available heading tags like h1,h2,h3 etc. It is better to use up to h4. And there are available up to h6.

Search Descriptions for SEO

This is the description which will load when search engines load search results. Search descriptions must be short and brief, and could contains major keywords in it.

SEO Optimized search descriptions in writings
SEO Optimized search description
As you can see in the above picture (look at the black rectangle). Which is called a search description, also you can see that the searched item is highlighted as bold in the result. Search engine will look in your search description if the searched keyword does not exists in your heading. So search description is also important for Blog writings.

Use Labels | Keywords for SEO

Keywords will help the writing to get more visibility in search engines. As you know, our search contains many keywords, search engines will search those keywords exists any where in their directory, also the related results will be shown to the user. So we can say that keywords or labels have better roles in SEO. You need to take below precautions before creating keywords
  1. Do not use repetitive keywords
  2. Must be short (not more than three words)
  3. Find trending keywords and add to you content
  4. Build keywords related to your content only
  5. Do not add irrelevant keywords

Optimize Permalink for SEO

Permalink means, link pointing to your content. Search engines will also consider your links in searching. If the specified keywords found in the search, that result also will be show in their search list. You can see an example below
Search engine optimization in permalinks
SEO in Permalinks
In the above example there highlighted the keyword in the permalink that I used to search, which means permalink is also a better way to increase your Blog traffic. Just read below points before optimizing your permalinks
  • Must be short (don't use more complicate descriptions)
  • Must contains keywords related to your content (also use keywords used in the content)
  • You can use hiphan (-) symbol to separate words in permalinks
  • Create meaning full permalinks
  • A simple example is given below

The above link is very simple, also a normal user can understand.

Do not Copy Content

Please, please, please do not kill your Blog by copying contents from any other Blogs or websites, just create writings by using your skills. Blogs which contains copied contents only have short life. Also search engines can find if the content is copied from another website or not. If they found you are fraud, then your blog will be black listed from search. So please do not copy any contents from another blogs or sites.

If you have any more concerns or questions just comment here.
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