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Google PageRanking Intro

Page ranking is created by the search engine giant Google. And page ranking defines how frequently your sites is get updated in search engine to get new posts. Now a days Google frequently updates their page ranking algorithm to list the blogs or websites efficiently in their search results. Also the competition among websites are increased. Here I will explain some tips to increase you page rank and it is quite simple as you think (but it needs time and little effort).

Google pagerank algorithm

How PageRank Works?

From the above image you could get an idea about the Google page ranking mechanism. It is very simple, just build back links for your website. More quality back links will provide high page rank (but needs lots of back links).
In the above image we could categorize the smilies as small green (lower page rank), slightly big green (higher page rank than small green but not more than red), small red (higher page rank than green but not more than big red), big red (higher PR than small red but not more than blue one), blue smiley(greater PR than except yellow one, finally the yellow one has the higher PR than all others. And you can also see that how it is achieved from the linking represented in the image.

How Backlinks Works in PageRanking?

All people want how to get higher page rank in lower time, it is very simple just place your website link in a higher page rank website. Just refer the above image, the yellow one is just pointing to the big red one, and we can see that no other backlinks there for the big red one. But the page rank of big red one is higher than the other smiley's have multiple links. It is just because of the yellow have high page rank. You can consider below things while before going to create backlinks.

1. High Page Rank Backlink = More PR to your site

If a back link is generated to your site is from a high page ranked website will give you more reputation and it needs less time. But it is very hard to achieve. Because administrators of higher page rank websites will not place our links in their site. One way for this to pay them, or write for them.

2. Multiple Small Page Rank Backlinks = More PR to your site

It is time consuming, but possible without paying money to the website admins. To accomplish this, you need to find the list small page ranked websites and place your links on their site. As we have already seen, this is time consuming and we need to pay attention.

3. Related Backlinks = More PR to your site

Try to place you build links in websites that posts contents related to your website. This will also increase the page rank. Related contents will give you more PR to your site. For example if you have technology related site/blog, then prefer technology related sites/blogs to build your links.

How to Build Back Links?

Ahhhh it is just a nice question buddy. There are several methods available to build back links,  I will explain them one by one below, just stay with me...

1. Guest Writings in Other Related Blogs/Sites

One of the best method to get back links very easily. Provide writings to other sites/blogs and mention you link and summary in that post. There are lot of websites seeks guests writings and for your writing they will provide a back link for you. But you must provide them quality content and the content must be related to their site summary too. 

2. Do Commenting in other Blogs/Sites

Place comments in other related blogs/websites along with your link. And you need to build lot of links to get page rank by this methods (means you need to place more comments). And also please avoid spamming in other blogs by placing irrelevant comments or spam comments. And by spamming other blogs will destroy your reputation. So beware of that.

3. Use Social Media to Build Backlinks

Another better method to build back links is social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc social giants to build links. For example create a Facebook fan page for your blog/website and do regular update about your blog/site updates.

4. Bookmarking

There are so many online bookmarking sites are available now. Some famous bookmarking sites are Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg, Pinterest etc. Signup these sites and place your posts their. This will create more back links and reach to your blog/site.

5. Participate Related Forums

There are lot of forums available now a days. Just sign up to related Forums and participate in discussions and create many more stuffs. And place your website link only if needed. Forum admins will reject your answers or discussions if they are not valid (that is if they found you are only there to place your link). They will not allow such activities. So think twice before you do.

Activities Which Kills Your PR

By following above things, you will get a good page rank. But you must be aware of that, there is activities that can be killed your PR. So keep below things in your mind
  1. Do not copy paste contents from another blog to your blog
  2. Just build organic back links (not paid or irrelevant )
  3. Beware of paid back links (sometimes paid back links is good, but it is good to build organic links)
  4. Do not publish paid to click ads in your site
  5. Just maintain your site neatly
  6. Do posting frequently in your site
Also Google updating their page ranking algorithm day by day to optimize search results. Keep get updated about the Google Page Ranking Algorithm. If you have any doubts comment here.
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