[How To] Start|Create Blog Simple|Easy Beginners Guide

Start Blogging

It is very simple to start a blog. You need to do following things

Choose your category or title

How to choose best blog category to get traffic
Choose blog category

First you need to find what category need to be chosen. Just use categories you are confident about. Don't try to copy others ideas or other blogs, it will be a big failure. You could write contents in any category in your blog, that is not a problem. Traffic to your blog depend upon your chosen category. In this blog I m writing about what I have tried, nothing is copy pasted from no where.

Blogging Platform

I will compare two options here, you can choose what you want. There are commonly two blogger platforms available
  1. WordPress 
  2. Blogger by Google

How to start blogging using WordPress

How to start wordpress blogging | beginners guide.
WordPress Logo

WordPress is a script created using PHP coding and back end is MySQL database. Most of the bloggers use this platform to manage their blogging. To start a WordPress blog you need following requirements
  • Buy a server to host WordPress (includes MySQL database)
  • Buy a domain for your blog (that can be also get from the server provider) 
  • Point domain to the server if it is purchased seperately
  • Install wordpress script in the server
  • Start blogging
 Features of wordpress blogging
  • Lots of custom tools and developed themes are available.
  • No need to learn coding for begginers at all
  • Any customizations can be made
  • Could convert to e-commerce if required
  • Full control over the script and database and lots more....
Disadvantages of wordpress
  •  Need to buy a good server to hold enough traffic (it needs atleast 30$ per month)
  • If traffic increases you need to upgrade your server but you may not getting enough money from your blog at all.

How to start blog using blogger

How to start blogging by using Google blogger platform beginners guide.

Blogger is a most common platform used for start up blogs. Service is provided by Google. It is not a script or does not have a database. All these are with Google. Following are the features of blogger
  • No need of server , it is hosted in Google servers
  • Only domain name need to be purchased
  • No need of bothering upgrading the server if traffic increases, Google will manage that.
  • Templates for blogger is available in internet
  • Simple configuration and more
Disadvantages of blogger are
  • No control over database or information published
  • Only can be used as a blog 
  • No tools can be installed like wordpress
  • If Google changes terms and conditions over blogger platform, that will affect your blog.
  • Google can terminate your blog (this will only hapoen when there is a strong reason)

Which platform is better for you?

For a starter, or if you are only focusing on blogging, you must choose Googles blogger platform. To start this you just need 5-10$ only. And you don't need to be bother about the blog uptime, bandwidth management, database size etc. That's all free man.

 If you are focusing on larger scale blogging with multiple users and moderators, you must choose wordpress blogging. Also you could add payment function any time you required in case any service is provided by you. All information will be safe with you because all controls are in your hand.

Also there other many services available in internet. In my opinion these two are the best options.

I think now you got an idea about how to start a blog.  If you do have any additional doubts just leave a comment below.
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