[Lost Mobile Recover] Auto Send Selfie + Location Android Email

Locate Lost Android Mobile

Auto email lost android mobile location and thief photo from your phone.
Find Lost Android Mobile

One of the major problems encountered now a days are lost mobile phones. We could not locate any mobile if it's lost because we are not having such facilities. Also if we do have registered any complaints in police, only we get that mobile if we are lucky only, chances of getting that phone is very low.

Here I will explain how to configure your mobile phone to auto send thief selfie and his location by using the data connection in mobile. This method is fully automatic. First of all we need to download Automate app from Google Play store.

Click here to download Automate

Install Automate in your mobile

Features of this method

- It will work if the SIM card of mobile is also changed
- No need to pre-enable Mobile Data
- No need of pre-enabling of location services
- Just two or more configurations needed for this

Process behind auto send selfie & location via email

  1. When the thief tries to open your mobile using incorrect lock password
  2. It will automatically took a selfie using front camera
  3. After that automatically turn on Mobile Data (it will take some time)
  4. If the mobile data is ON, then it will automatically enable location services
  5. It will find the location by using the mobile data and GPS
  6. Mail will be send to your specified e-mail id with photo and location
  7. After successful mail sending, mobile data and location services will be automatically turned off.

Automate Intruder Photo + Location Flowchart

Click here to download Automate flow chart and import it in Automate app. Also you need to install sufficient permission to work the flow, that will be displayed in the flow itself after importing.


  • To on location service you need super user installed on your mobile
  • You need to give device admin privilege for this flow
  • It will not work if the phone got reset.
  • It's a simple flow chart, you could also edit it in Automate app.
  • Also you need to enable auto start if the mobile is get restarted, that will be available in the application settings.
If you have any doubts, just comment here.
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