[How To] Reset Android Phone Forgot My Pattern | Password | PIN

Reset Android Phone| Forgot Pattern | Password | PIN

Here is we will see about how to reset a locked android phone (if you forgot the password or pin). There are two methods for that,

1. Using your Google Account

This method will works only if you configured your Google account in your mobile phone and also if you are able to switch on your mobile data (or you could prefer WiFi, if there is any already connected WiFi is available in your mobile). If all the above conditions are meets, then follow below steps
  • Turn on your mobile data (or connect to a WiFi), we just need internet connection
  • Go to Android Device Manager from a browser (use a PC or another mobile)
  • Log in using your Google account which configured on the same mobile
  • After you logged in, you will see like below
How to reset mobile if forgot password or pin Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

  • Click on the Erase button
  • This will send reset command via internet to your android mobile
  • Mobile will restart, and please wait for some moment
  • Your mobile is now unlocked

2. Use Recovery Option in Your Mobile

You need to boot into your recovery mode to do this. For different mobiles, its different to boot into recovery mode (for example, oneplus 2 power off the phone and press power on and volume down button simultaneously.). When you boot into recovery mode you will see like below (may not be the same as shown in the below figure)
Reset phone by using recovery mode| Forgot mobile pattern | Password
Android Recovery
Touch will not work most of the stock recoveries, you need to use volume up for up and volume down for down, and power key for select. In recovery mode there will be an option to do wipe data/factory reset. Do that, your phone will restart freshly.

I think your problem is resolved now, if you have any doubts just comment here.
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