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MIUI Android ROM

MIUI is one of the best ROM in Android world. I used this ROM as a custom ROM in my mobile for years. Because it contains all things pre packed. So we don't need to find any other extra applications to implement that. The best features of MIUI android ROM is explained below.
MIUI Android ROM
MIUI Android ROM

In-Built Call Recording Option

You can record calls without installing any extra applications. Built in automatic call recorder included in this ROM. Also we could specify the numbers which you need to record calls also. To get that option take the Dial Screen -> Options -> Settings -> Call Recording.

Built in App Locking Facility

Separate apps could be locked with pattern lock. Otherwise in other ROMs we need to use another extra applications to do this thing (for example AppLock.). We could specify which applications is to be protected here. To get this option go to Settings -> Security -> Privacy.

Hide Messages From Specified Numbers

I think most of the people will search for this option now. We could hide text messages from choosen numbers by using built in Messaging app of MIUI Android ROM. Messages from specified numbers are hidden from a normal user, and it is much more difficult to find out the hidden place and if any text messages coming from the specified number while the mobile in another hand. Then the application will notify that Private message is arrived and by clicking that message directly moves to Inbox but cannot see the message. 

Also to find this option, it is also difficult. First you need to take the Messaging app and when the inbox is get opened just drag top to bottom using your finger, then you will see a security symbol in the back. Drag to bottom while the private message section is get opened. And now you can set a password and specify numbers for private messages.

Timer Facility In Music Player

This is a best facility needs to be included in all music player applications coming out. By settings this Timer we could stop the song after hearing a while (we could specify the time). This is very helpful while we are sleeping. Timer facility can be found by taking built in music player application.

Root Management App Support

MIUI Android ROM consists of built in root. Which means, we just need to enable it to get root permissions. Root permissions will give you full power to manage your device. And we don't even use any extra apps like Super User, Busy Box etc to manage root permissions.

Better permission management

Seeks permission for all the time when application needs to access some of your confidential data like contacts, messaging etc. For example if you are installed true caller application in your mobile,  that application will automatically access your contacts in your phone. All other ROMs will provide the access. But in MIUI ROM, this will seek an access permission from user to allow or disallow it. If the user sets denied option the app will not be able to access that information. But the app will work greatly. I used it in my phone.

Now I know this much of information about MIUI Android ROM. If you could know more details share by commenting here. So guys, what you have decided? to use MIUI or continue in current UI?

Download MIUI Android ROM

To download MIUI Android ROM for your device go here.
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