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Enable sharing in iPhone to other devices

The biggest problem in iPhone devices is that, there is no bluetooth sharing is enabled or we cannot share a picture, video, files from and iPhone to other devices without using internet connection. If we need to share anything from an iPhone one way is to upload in internet or connect to PC via data cable. These ways are much more difficult in some times. To overcome this situations, Lenovo team developed an application called SHAREit. By using SHAREit app we could send apps, videos, pics, files from iPhone to android phone or even to a windows PC too.

Technology used in SHAREit app

WiFi technology is used in SHAREit application to transfer files. Which means transfer is more faster than bluetooth file transmission. For an example 700 MB file can be transferred in approximately 10 minutes. Only we need WiFi in sender device and WiFi hotspot on receiver device.

How does SHAREit works

There are two buttons in the application called Send and Receive. While we need to receive an item to iPhone follow below steps
- Enable WiFi hotspot on iPhone
- Click receive button on iPhone
- In sender mobile, pair with created WiFi hotspot that generated from iPhone using the password
- After that click Send on sender mobile
- Select the files you have to send
- Select the receiver device from device list
- Thats all
Also to send an item from iPhone to other device, please do the following
- Enable WiFi hotspot on receiver device
- Open SHAREit app on receiver device and click on receive
- Enable WiFi on iPhone and pair with the sender WiFi hotspot
- Open SHAREit app on iPhone and click send
- Select files need to be send over SHAREit
- Select device from device list in iPhone
- Send it.

Download SHAREit App


If we are using two android mobiles we just don't need to pair WiFi from outside, the application automatically switch on and off WiFi and WiFi hotspot when they need. But in iPhone we need to do it manually. If you have any doubts comment it, I will reply as soon as possible.
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